Building Renovation


Services we provide:

  • Manufacturing and installation of entrance doors: assembled, varnished, or raw wood.
  • Manufacturing and installation of new shutters.
  • Restoration of existing shutters.
  • Dry screed
  • Wall and partition renovation
  • Multi-story additions with wooden framework

Heritage sites:

  • Existing window restoration and glazing for thermal and sound insulation, while complying with the standards for classified monuments and buildings

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Saint Jean School

Who says that renovation has to mean change? The Saint Jean School kept its style and is still displaying its art even after renovation. Check out the work we did for this project.

Calvin Middle School

Louis Genève S.A. ensures middle schoolers' safety thanks to its carpentry techniques.

Miremont 8 A,B,C

Facade renovation and insulation, Miremont renovation. Take a look at what we did.

Boudines School

We renovate the schools built for our parents' generation to provide our children and grandchildren with the most comfortable and the best possible learning conditions.

Louis Genève SA

The pleasure of working in new premises !