Your home is our main priority. Build one, your way.

Louis Genève S.A. can build or renovate every aspect of your home:

  • Construction: Complete construction of wooden framework, installation of skylights, as well as all of the services mentioned in our "Joinery" and "Carpentry" sections.
  • Renovation: Roof restoration, updating your home to meet new thermal and acoustic regulations, window glazing, insulation of blind casings, facade resurfacing.


Take a look at one of the many projects we have already completed.

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Centrale n°34

Construction for rue Centrale 34, in Geneva. Discover details about the project.

Saule 35

Construction of a 9-condominium residence
When wood construction prevails over concrete!


Renovations, additions, or total transformations: your choice! 

Triangle des Pervanches

Quality and rigor are always at the heart of our concern!

Castle Ecogia

Be in accordance with traditions for exceptional places !