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History of the company Louis Genève S.A


In 2021, Louis Genève S.A. will celebrate its 45th anniversary. Thanks to the joint efforts of all our employees, our company has grown from a simple carpentry company with a few employees in 1976 to a pillar of the carpentry and joinery industry in the Geneva region. 

With new premises and an on-site workshop spanning of more than 1800m2 (includes design, cutting, assembly, painting, drying, storage and technical offices) we now have an organised structure and a reactive and versatile staff that will be able to meet your expectations. Through our know-how and our experience, we can satisfy your requests of carpentry and frame made to measure.

You will find below the important dates of our company's history.

  • 1976: Creation of the company in Vernier by Mr. Louis Genève, master carpenter. Company with 5 employees that specialised in carpentry only. 

  • 1980-1995: Period of important development of the company: through multiple and big contracts, more than 50 employees were brought on.

  • 1985: Purchase of the headquarters of the Pansier company in Bernex to establish a base.

  • 1997: Mr. Louis Genève decides to create a joinery department to meet market demand. A young technician, Mr. Fernando Nunez, joins the team. 

  • 2000: After many years of continuous growth, the joinery department becomes as important as the carpentry department, with a large number of people employed in each section.

  • 2004: Louis Genève S.A. moves from Bernex to the Chemin de la Verseuse industrial zone in Aïre le Lignon. The company changes its name from a company with its own name to a limited company.

  • 2012: Change of owner of the company. Mr. Fernando Nunez, who has since become the director of the joinery department, becomes the new owner. Mr. Louis Genève remains as director and president of the company.

  • 2015: Internal renovation of the company's technical premises and acquisition of new state-of-the-art machinery for the carpentry and joinery workshops. 

  • 2016: Modernisation of the administrative premises to improve the quality of the services provided. A few months later, the company completes its transformation and the entire Louis Genève S.A. team moves into completely new premises!

  • 2019: The company acquires a high-precision cutting machine (CNC) which greatly increases the efficiency and performance for the manufacturing of custom-made parts. 

  • 2020-2021: Despite the continued presence of Covid-19, Louis Genève S.A. continues to provide quality services in the field of custom carpentry and joinery. 

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