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Roofing and Insulation

When Louis Genève S.A. was founded in 1976, its first activity was focused on roofing. Over the years, we have gained valuable experience in this field and have followed the evolution of the different types of roofing and insulation possible.  

The roof is the keystone of a successful construction because it is one of the key elements of the insulation of a building or any other type of property. Our company has experienced roofers who are organized and adaptable to any type of dwelling (private, public or industrial building). We put our know-how to advise you the best options based on your needs and aesthetic preferences and we put forward our work rigor in order to bring you an effective solution that lasts in time.

Below you will find more details about the roofing and insulation we do and the materials we can offer and adapt to your specific needs. For any questions regarding custom-made roofing and insulation, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Roofing is the main element that protects a property against bad weather, temperature variations and any other external degradation caused by wear and tear and by time. It is therefore essential to have a good roofing for a long-lasting protection in time. 

Louis Genève S.A. offers a multitude of different materials according to your preferences. You will find below the different types of tiles, slates, sheets and veneers that we provide:

  • Flat Tiles

  • Mechanical Tiles

  • Roman Tiles

  • Natural slates

  • Eternit Slates

  • Insulated Sheets

  • Uninsulated Sheets

  • Copper Cladding 

  • Zinc-Titanium Cladding

Call us for more information about the different types of roofing and their differences. We can advise you on the most suitable roof for your property.


Insulating a building is not only about preventing heat and cold transfer. It must not only be thermal but also acoustic, i.e. resistant to external sounds. A good insulation is therefore one that provides thermal and acoustic protection. For optimal efficiency, it must be installed on roofs, walls, intermediate slabs and on facade walls. 

We offer the most efficient materials to reduce heat loss from any type of property and thus reduce your energy consumption. The materials we offer are as follows: 

  • Wood wool

  • Rock wool

  • Glass wool

  • Sheep wool

  • Roofmate

  • Various Polystyrene


Not sure which material is best for your property? Contact us and our company will be able to advise you for any type of window insulation or other type according to your needs.

Home > Carpentry > Roofing and Insulation