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There are many different types of staircases with many different custom configurations possible depending on the structure of the house. At Louis Genève S.A, we renovate wooden stairs. 

We are also committed to executing custom-made staircases adapted to any type of house. We help you with the design of your personalized stairs according to your needs. 

We suggest the type of staircase(s) possible given the location, your preferences of materials and types of steps required.


We take care of the restoration of the following staircase models: 

  • Straight staircases

  • Stairs 1 / 4 Turn

  • Stairs 2 / 4 Turn

  • Stairs with landing

  • Circular staircases

  • Colimacon, Helicoidal or Screw Stairs

Do you want to know which model of staircase would be the most suitable for you? Our team is at your disposal to inform you. Below you will find more details about the different staircase models with their advantages and disadvantages. 


Straight Stairs

The straight staircase is the basic staircase and its steps are usually rectangular or flat. Its main advantage is the ease of its construction and prefabrication. However, straight staircases often take up more space.

1/4 turn staircases

The 'quarter turn' staircase is mainly recognised by its steps launched in an angle of 90 degrees. The user will have made a quarter turn between the moment he takes the stairs and his arrival, whatever the position of the angled steps. The major advantage is the favorable use of the corners of a room, however, the launched steps take more time to complete.

2/4 Turn Stairs

As the name suggests, the 'two-quarter turn' staircase has the same characteristics as the quarter turn staircase, but the user will instead have made a half turn, or 180 degrees. Its advantage is also similar; the floor space is minimised and a straight staircase is avoided. However, they take longer to create than a simple straight staircase.

Stairs with a landing

Combining the characteristics of the straight staircase and the winding staircase, this staircase contains a landing which is generally located in the middle of the ascent. Its advantage is the relatively simple creation and prefabrication. On the other hand, the space it takes  is often bigger compared to a curved staircase. 

Circular Stairs

Generally made to measure, it can be recognised by its rounded shape and the radius of curvature which is always different. Used for contemporary settings and structures, circular stairs represent the evolution from a simple functional arrangement to a creative design object. The main advantage is its flexibility: there are no limits on the possible customisations, so you can have a staircase completely tailored to your taste. The disadvantage is its cost: circular stairs are often more expensive than other types of stairs (but not always!). 

Spiral, Helical or Screw Stairs

The spiral, helical or screw staircases are designed thanks to radiating steps assembled in spirals around a fixed axis. They generate significant space savings in view of their small radius (? 1m60) which also facilitates their installation. Their design can be worthy of a work of art through the various options and choices available according to the aesthetic preferences of each. Often custom designed, the price can often be consequential and it can also be difficult to use them to transport bulky objects. 


We also offer several materials for your stairs: 

  • Native wood 

  • Softwood 

  • Stringer style (rack and pinion or notched)


Finally, several types of steps can be made:

  • Flush steps

  • Overflowing steps

  • Notched steps


You wish to have a staircase made to measure, simple, spiral, helicoidal or any other atypical shape? Do not hesitate to contact us to establish your project serenely. 

Once we have understood your needs and wishes, our technicians will create 3D plans in immersion with your home, so that you can validate the final concept without surprises.

Our team, after validation of your part, will begin the creation of your custom staircase thanks to an expertise in the field and adapted tools. The finished product will resemble the 3D plan and will be structurally robust thanks to the precision of our CNC cutting machines. We also install and replace custom balustrades.

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