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Custom-made Shutters

Embellish your property with a unique style of shutter that allows a total obstruction of the outside light. We have several categories of shutters: wood and aluminium.


Wooden shutters

Aesthetically pleasing and available in Fir, Oak, Larch or Insopaint panel, configure your wood shutters according to your needs and preferences: shaded panels, wood slats, solid panel (with paint or varnish finish).

Offering good insulation against cold and heat, you will also benefit from a wide choice of different types: Rolling, Nice, Sliding, Creole, Provencal, and more. Beyond a classic and welcoming aesthetic, you can choose a coloured finish: the diversity of possible styles makes wooden shutters an attractive option.

There are, however, a few limitations to wood shutters. The first is maintenance: at a minimum, shutters should be maintained every 5 years, with those more exposed to the sun requiring more care. In addition, wooden shutters cannot be operated from the inside as would be possible with electric shutters.


Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium shutters are rustproof, they stand out for their durability and provide a very good quality of insulation. No rust or changes caused by weather or climatic variations. No need to repaint or sand them over time. Very strong, they do not warp (like PVC) and are not damaged by salt. They are therefore very popular in places near the sea.The shutters provide an additional part of insulation and security for your home. We manufacture shutters to measure, in wood and aluminium. The materials used are of high quality and we offer a wide choice of customisation for your shutters as well as the design, types of fixings and colours. Our company offers its expertise for all work of wooden and aluminium shutters, whether for new construction or renovation of monuments and sites.

Home > Joinery > Volets sur-mesure