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 Custom doors


You want to build a custom wood door? Contact us now to discuss your project and get a quick quote! We build the pieces ourselves according to your needs with unerring precision, thanks to our CNC cutting machine and our experienced technicians. Our company is based in Geneva in a 1'600m2 workshop and has been in existence for over 45 years.

Custom-made and responding to your specific needs, the different models of doors we propose are made according to your preferences, while respecting the ergonomic, static and practical criteria necessary. The objective being to make a handcrafted work in the image of your desires.

You will find below the list of custom-made doors that we are experienced in producing:

  • Fire-resistant EI30 doors

  • Communication Doors

  • Antique / Cochère Doors

  • Modern Doors


Fire-resistant EI30 doors 

Mainly used as landing doors in schools and homes, these EI30 fire doors comply with federal regulations concerning fire standards. They are mainly made of wood and wood composite depending on the approval. 

In some cases, the common EI30 doors are kept open with an electrical device connected to the fire alarm. If the fire alarm is triggered, the power to this magnetic device is cut off and the door closes gently (thanks to the hydraulic regulators) and due to the closing weight. 


Communication Doors

Common doors used to separate different areas of a house. They are made of wood or wood composite. We adapt our communication doors to your needs and aesthetic preferences. We make different categories of custom-made communication doors with multiple accessories and finishes available according to your wishes:

  • Wood frame

  • Metal frame 

  • Flush Door

  • Overlay door

  • Assembled Doors


Antique / Cochère Doors

Generally made of wood and for listed buildings, antique doors are characterised by their special execution to keep an old-fashioned look. 

At Louis Genève S.A., we have carried out multiple heritage restorations focused on exterior carpentry.  We restore antique doors by paying attention to the smallest details such as the restitution of the decorations and the mouldings. We propose the most adapted solutions according to the constraints that you can have on your doors, the whole by preserving the authenticity of the parts that have been entrusted to us.


Modern Doors

Essentially adapted for new constructions, modern doors have a contemporary style and are created according to the desires of the customer and with several materials mentioned below:

  • Custom-made wooden doors

  • Wood composite

  • Custom PVC doors

  • Aluminium

In addition, there are many models of modern doors fully customisable according to your tastes:

  • Solid or semi-massive Doors

  • Design Doors

  • Panel Doors

  • Veneered Doors 

  • Doors to be painted


Louis Genève S.A. can help you with your choice for your custom front door. With a wide range of different materials and models to choose from, selecting the best option that fits perfectly with your interior can sometimes be difficult. Do not hesitate to contact us and one of our specialists will be able to advise you according to your needs and wishes.

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