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Custom-made layouts


Louis Genève S.A. offers various types of layouts to optimise the usable space of your rooms. Through the addition of storage space, we combine space optimisation with our expertise to maintain the charm and atmosphere of your space.

As layouts differ according to the client’s aesthetic preferences and the room’s dimensions, Louis Genève S.A. provides customised wood furniture work that is specific to each request received. Whether it is the materials, the colours or the techniques of creations wished, our fitters adapt themselves to your needs in a precise way.

You will find below the list of custom-made wood furniture and fittings that we offer:

  • Cabinets
  • Bookcases
  • Rooms
  • Partitions
  • Kitchens
  • Dressing room
  • Ceilings
  • Bathrooms
  • Reception rooms
  • Living rooms


Custom cabinets

Cabinets have many uses. They are used primarily to create storage but are also used as fire compartments or simply to furnish a room.

Three types of custom wood cabinets are available:

  • Standard cabinets: Several interior layouts in melamine chipboard, laminated chipboard or with panels with paint finish.
  • Traditional cabinets : Assembled in different wood species (Oak, Fir, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Larch) or in a smooth panel with various wood veneers with varnish finish or various stains.
  •  Fireproof cabinets: Made of composite and mineral fireproof materials with approved fittings and wood veneer finishes, lacquered or to be painted.



Bookcases provide easily accessible storage and are ideal for your living spaces. Louis Genève S.A. produces custom-made bookcases that can be personalised according to the specific needs of each client. The two categories of bookcases that we have experience making are:

  • Antique bookcases: Elements assembled in the old fashioned way with personalised molding in different types of wood. We propose several types: Chestnut, Oak, Cherry, Walnut
  • Contemporary bookcases: composite materials of lacquered wood, melamine or paint.

For any questions regarding the restoration or the creation of custom-made bookcases, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by email.



Louis Genève S.A. renovates & creates all the furniture that a room possesses. From night tables, chests or cupboards, we make your bedroom furniture according to your exact needs. For the wood purists, we make 'old fashioned' styles. For others, we also offer models based on modern styles.

  • Traditional room: Noble wood species assembled with molding or smooth elements with different veneers.
  •  Contemporary room: Composite of laminated wood, melamine, paintable elements, and more.



Partitions are light walls that create separations between several living areas. They can also be used to cover existing walls.

At Louis Genève S.A., we make different types of partitions:

  • In wood
  • Wooden slats
  • In plasterboard
  •  Composite panels with wood veneer
  • Fireproof panels with lacquered or laminated finish

We can advise you on the best type of partition material to put up or restore in your space based on important criteria such as location, weight, your preferences, and more. Do you want to avoid mold and mildew? We can also suggest a suitable solution such as a waterproof partition in this case.



Today, the kitchen is considered as the central room of a house: a place where family and friends gather around and enjoy privileged moments.

Louis Genève S.A. produces several categories of custom kitchens (antique or contemporary) adapted to the desires of the customers:

  • Antique kitchen: Front elements assembled in the old fashioned way with molding according to the client's choices and directives.
  • Contemporary kitchen: Composite of laminated wood or various lacquers.

Most people looking for a new house or apartment will take the time to evaluate the quality of the kitchen and finishes. Likewise, someone looking to modernise their property will often look first to the kitchen for renovation or restoration work. Let us advise you - if you have any questions about custom kitchen restoration services, contact us.


Dressing rooms

Dressing rooms are spaces dedicated to storage within easy reach. Modern in style, they are made by combining several wood materials.

We make custom dressings that match the needs of customers: light points, manual (or automatic) storage, colour finishes and more.

We can advise you on:

  • the different materials and their advantages
  •  the number of columns and racks you can realistically place according to the dimensions of your dressing room
  •  the different doors (simple, sliding, butterfly) and drawers
  • mirrors to be mounted on the front



There are several types of ceilings depending on the house or building: false ceiling, sloping ceiling or classic ceiling. The type of ceiling depends on personal preferences, insulation needs and available height. We offer you different ceilings that can be made of stained wood, varnished or composite panels (laminated, lacquered or with artificial lacquers).



The bathroom contains various elements that can be created in laminated wood composite, lacquered, in native essences or in corian elements. According to the needs and preferences of the customers, a contemporary or antique style can be made. We have considerable experience for the creation and finishing of the following furniture for your bathroom:

  • Furniture under the sinks
  • Storage cabinets
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Bathtub apron


Reception rooms

The reception room and the reception area are the image of a company so having quality furniture is important. Louis Genève S.A. offers customized solutions for your reception rooms.

We can create reception counters in various forms (curved, rounded), dress stairways and furnish municipal offices. For restaurants, we offer service counters, high tables, waste cabinets, and more.

Banks and reception islands can be made:

  • of fine wood
  • of laminated wood derivatives
  • of lacquered panels in different shades (to match the customer's colour code)

Whatever your space, we will be able to offer you solutions that meet your requirements.


Living Rooms

Louis Genève S.A. offers custom-made living rooms according to the client's desires and needs. They are made of solid wood, veneered wood or various materials derived from wood. Stools, racks, benches, coffee tables, chairs, china cabinets are only a few of the pieces of furniture we master.

You wish to highlight your company from your reception desk? Why not create a custom-made reception area in the image of your company?


The possibilities are limitless so don't hesitate to contact us!

For any question about custom-made arrangements in Geneva and its surroundings, contact us at 022 757 17 06 or send us an e-mail at l.geneve@louis-geneve.ch.


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