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Saule 35

Construction of a 9-condominium residence
When wood construction prevails over concrete!

Centrale n°34

Construction for rue Centrale 34, in Geneva. Discover details about the project.


Renovations, additions, or total transformations: your choice! 


Improve the quality of care with new equipment adapted to the structures and expectations !

Triangle des Pervanches

Quality and rigor are always at the heart of our concern!



Louis Genève S.A. has been building and renovating villas in the Geneva area for 45 years. We create a home in your image and according to your precise aesthetic wishes. 

Our team, including experienced architects, carpenters and joiners, will listen to your needs and advise you on all the details of your project (feasibility, time and cost estimates of the work and much more). We undertake two categories of work: fabrication and renovation. 


  • Fabrication: Complete installation of your wooden framed villa and creation of roof windows. For a complete list of the work we can do in your villa, we invite you to visit our Custom Joinery and Custom Carpentry pages.


  • Renovation: Roof restoration, thermal and acoustic upgrades, installation of overglazing, insulation of blinds, facade coating, and more.


Contact us for any information concerning the creation or renovation of villas in Geneva and its surroundings.

Home > Specialties > Homes