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Triangle des Pervanches

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Creating Works of Art


Louis Genève S.A. can help create your most beautiful artworks! Contact our team to obtain relevant advice for the successful completion of your project. We can evaluate the feasibility and the various costs associated with your intended structure. Founded in 1976, our company has built multiple works of art in Geneva and its surroundings.  Some of them have become real tourist attractions known not only in Switzerland but all over the world. 


The infamous Broken Chair, a giant wooden chair near the United Nations, was created by Louis Genève S.A for Handicap International. Symbolising the struggle against anti-personnel mines and rendering them illegal globally, it stands out by its size (about 12 meters) and is known worldwide. You can find more details about this project and our participation here

We have made another work of art called the Aigues Vertes. This giant stool located in the village of the same name was made for the Aigues-Vertes foundation which is committed to helping people with intellectual disabilities. More information about this structure and our participation can be found here


You have a project to create a work of art in Geneva? Contact us and our team will assist you in your ambition!

Home > Specialties > Works of Art