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                                                                         Custom Windows


Our Windows

We specialise in the restoration and renovation of custom windows and can meet your specific needs. We can also create a multitude of window ranges in complete safety that meet your expectations. The different categories we work with are wood, wood and metal and PVC windows.

Windows are key elements of the thermal and acoustic insulation of your house, your industrial building and any other type of premises. Therefore, it is essential to have the most suitable windows for your property. However, choosing the right option can sometimes be difficult. Depending on your needs, budget and other relevant factors, we can recommend one or more viable options in a concise and timely manner. Do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or by email for any window replacement request in Geneva.

Creation & renovation processes for custom windows 

After your request by phone or email, one of our technicians will come to your home to discuss your wishes and needs. He will then take the necessary measurements and take into account the size of the window installation.

An official estimate is then established including different options and will be sent to you for validation. 

Once you have validated the quote and decided on the desired configuration, our Geneva -based joiners will proceed to the design stage. The windows are then processed, painted and finished for glazing.

Below you will find more details on each of the categories of windows we restore.


Windows out of wood

According to your choices and aesthetic preferences, we offer wooden windows in oak, fir, and larch with several tones and colors available. These windows are manufactured according to the new thermal and acoustic standards and can be personalised with accessories, colours, glazing and additional crosspieces. Our window installers also renovate wood windows.

We offer two distinct models of wood windows:

  • Old wooden window: ideal for listed or renovated buildings 

  • Contemporary window: used for new homes, structures or businesses


Advantages of Custom Wood Windows

Wooden windows, in addition to offering an aesthetic and warm appearance, have very satisfactory insulating properties and guarantee good durability depending on the materials used. Wood allows for greater flexibility in terms of custom design - at Louis Genève S.A., we provide custom wood windows and can also renovate your old windows or those of a historic building. To do this, we ensure that the thermal and sound insulation is up to date, while maintaining the look of the original window.


  • Efficient and natural thermal insulation : wood helps lower your energy bills. Indeed, this material isn’t very conductive and has a good resistance to temperature variations, protecting you from the cold. 

         Increase this insulation by choosing woods known for their insulating properties, such as larch. In the long run, it is wiser to invest in a quality window to guarantee long-lasting protection. 

  • Ideal sound insulation : Wood is naturally very dense. Increase your acoustic performance with a wood structure that provides exceptional sound insulation.

  • Long-term solution : Wood is a very durable and strong material. A custom wood window, coupled with secure glazing, provides a level of security and durability that lasts a lifetime. In addition, wood is effectively fire resistant: it is very strong and deforms more slowly than PVC.

On the other hand, for all its advantages, a custom wood window is generally more expensive than a PVC or hybrid window. In addition, more regular maintenance is required and, over time, a change in color will become apparent.


Multi-Material Windows (Wood & Metal)

Wood-metal windows combine the sleek design of metal with the strength and durability of wood. This option guarantees a high energy performance thanks to the remarkable insulation quality and longevity. It's often intended for villas (new or renovation) and we have several colours and various types of wood at your disposal: Fir, Oak, Larch, exotic wood and more.

These types of windows are very durable and do not require any maintenance. Our craftsmanship in custom-made bi-material windows ensures a result that meets your requirements. 

Windows combining several different types of materials often cost more than other alternatives such as PVC windows and are of better quality.


Custom-made PVC windows

PVC windows are applied to new constructions or according to the customer's wishes. 

This option is the most used globally (? 60%). The main advantages of this material are: 

  • Its cost: PVC is more economical than wood and aluminum

  • Its maintenance: this material does not corrode, a cloth with water is enough to maintain it

  • Its impeccable waterproofing: resistant to all weather conditions 

  • Its insulating qualities: offers a high level of acoustic and thermal insulation

  • Its aesthetics: wide choice of colours 

  • Its good quality / price ratio


However, there are some disadvantages with PVC windows. They are not very suitable for certain windows such as large bay windows. In addition, you have to be on the lookout for

PVC windows that are extremely cheap: the quality is often dreadful so be careful!.  

At Louis Genève S.A., we work with a reliable partner that specialises in the production of good quality custom made PVC windows.  

From wood windows to PVC windows and bi-materials (wood/metal), our carpenters & joiners are at your disposal for your custom window projects in Geneva and will advise you for a result in line with your expectations. The advantage of choosing a carpenter for the replacement or renovation of your windows is mainly based on the customisation of a project. We have done many window jobs and have the expertise to find solutions for any situation.

Call us today to discuss your window replacement projects - our experts will be able to advise you.

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