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Miremont 8 A,B,C

Project details

  • Address: Avenue Mireront 8 A,B,C Geneva
  • Start: January 2014
  • Finish: December 2014


  • Client: Miremont Co-Ownership
  • Architect: Meier
  • Contact Architecte: Mrs. Laurence Boyer 
  • Phone: 022-715-48-32


Description of carpentry work

  • Glazed windows
  • Insulated facades

To remember

  • Authentic restoration ensured that original appearances remain intact, complies with CMNS standards
  • Worked in inhabited living spaces, Louis Genève S.A. works closely with and respects its clients
  • Coordinated with other trades working on-site to maximize speed and efficiency

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Home > Projects > Miremont 8 A,B,C