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  • Alhambra Theatre - Geneva
  • Lignon 49
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Alhambra Theatre - Geneva

A Louis Genève S.A. prize-worthy performance: the Alhambra Theatre in Geneva. Take a look at our handiwork.

Lignon 49

Lignon urban development near Louis Genève S.A. Discover the different services we provided!

Aire-la-Ville Multipurpose Hall

Large project for Aire-la-Ville's multipurpose hall. Take a look at what the project entailed.

Saint Jean School

Who says that renovation has to mean change? The Saint Jean School kept its style and is still displaying its art even after renovation. Check out the work we did for this project.

Miremont 8 A,B,C

Facade renovation and insulation, Miremont renovation. Take a look at what we did.

Upgrading to standards 

Every year, the federal SCAN standards for sound and heat insulation change. During their construction, buildings, single-family homes and other premises are all subject to rules and requirements to ensure sound insulation. The materials used must also meet distinct criteria. 

For 45 years, Louis Genève S.A. has been using its experience in following these norms in order to carry out its renovations and creations as well as possible. 

We renovate and restore listed windows and monuments and provide you with the necessary expertise on the appropriate sites. Contact us for any questions related to the most recent standards on acoustic and thermal insulation.

Home > Joinery > Upgrades