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Aire-la-Ville Multipurpose Hall

Project details

  • Address: Chemin de Massel N°11
  • Start: April 2002
  • Finish: October 2003


  • Client: Aire-la-Ville Municipality
  • Architect: Brodbeck et Roulet 
  • Contact Architect: Mr. Zambon 
  • Phone: 022-342-00-94

Description of carpentry work

  • Installed wooden sliding doors with wall bars
  • Installed fire-retardant doors

Description of joinery work

  • Created arched ceilings
  • Installed stage
  • Installed wooden acoustic paneling

To remember

  • Installation of long-span arched framework: custom work led to optimization of usable space
  • Building brought up to standards for public usage

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Home > Projects > Aire-la-Ville Multipurpose Hall