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Alhambra Theatre - Geneva

Project details

  • Address: Rue de la Rotisserie N°10
  • Start: December 2014
  • Finish: February 2015


  • Client: City of Geneva
  • Architect: Architectes S.A.
  • Contact Architect: Mr. Pasquetas
  • Phone: 022-730-10-80

Description of carpentry work

  • Manufactured and installed color-impregnated MDF dressing room furniture
  • Manufactured and installed color-impregnated MDF bar furnishings and shelving structures
  • Manufactured and installed ticket desk
  • Manufactured and installed coatroom furnishings

To remember

  • Created custom layouts using a variety of materials to give the space an updated look
  • Renovations combine classic theatre style with Louis Genève S.A.'s modern touches

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Home > Projects > Alhambra Theatre - Geneva