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Property Management Companies


Louis Genève S.A. works regularly and in close collaboration with property management firms in the Geneva region. For 45 years now, we have been carrying out all types of repair, replacement or adjustment work in a professional, fast and efficient manner. 

We are at the disposal of building management companies to repair, maintain and renovate their properties. Our experience and our large team of professionals are able to provide you with a quality service that responds exclusively to your specific requests.


Below are some examples of the maintenance work we perform for our clients:

  • Repair of doors, windows, cabinets, balconies and more

  • Checking the watertightness of exterior joinery elements

  • Replacement of window seals due to water or air damage

  • Replacement of the worktop of deteriorated kitchens

  • Repair of landing doors and adjustment of locks following break-ins


We have carried out multiple renovations of buildings and listed buildings. We invite you to consult some examples below: 


Our team is at your disposal for any question you may have. Do not hesitate to call us and our team will be able to assist you quickly.

Home > Specialties > Corporate Maintenance