Carpentry: one of the key components of a home or industrial building, providing the insulation necessary for the comfort of those who live or work inside.
At Louis Genève S.A. we use our savoir-faire and years of experience to execute various carpentry projects brought to us by our loyal clients.


The art of woodworking


Like our joinery services, using primarily local and indigenous lumber, we personalize our carpentry work to each client's needs and tastes:

New and traditional-style carpentry work as well as old-fashioned restoration of existing structures.

New and modern carpentry work, allowing for larger-scale projects.



Some of the services we provide:

  • Brushing and treatment of existing wood
  • Shed construction
  • Garage construction
  • Apartment building carpentry
  • Carpentry and wooden frameworking for villas
  • Renovation carpentry
  • Attic layout
  • Various roofing insulation
  • Roofing maintenance


Roofing and Insulation

Roofing and Insulation

Learn more about our roofing solutions as well as the different types of insulation available. Which ones are right for you?

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Skylights To light up a room naturally, for a view of the stars, or just to create an extra opening to the outside, skylights are a perfect addition to your home or business.

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Much more than just a way to go up or down, staircases can be aesthetic centerpieces in multi-story homes. How will you personalize yours?

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Wooden Frameworks

Wooden Frameworks Custom-designed villas and multi-story additions in a timely manner.

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