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Cheneviers Weigh Station

Project details

  • Address: 40 Route de Verbois
  • Start: October 2009
  • Finish: August 2010


  • Client: SIG
  • Architect: Service d’architectes SIG
  • Contact Architect: M. Werhli
  • Phone: 022-420-85-69

Description of carpentry work

  • Interior and exterior carpentry work
  • Installed a glass double-door entrance
  • Installed exterior larch sun screens

Description of joinery work

  • Built a wooden weighing station with BBS paneling and wood fiber insulation in accordance with Minergie standards
  • Created a suspended wooden awning

To remember

  • Innovative exterior design
  • Made entirely of wood
  • High-performing insulation

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Home > Projects > Cheneviers Weigh Station